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Best Tips on How to Keep Clothes from Wrinkling When Moving Cross Country

When packing, we all struggle with a rumpled wardrobe. If you are interested in how to keep clothes from wrinkling, various moving hacks can be helpful. Here’s the best way to avoid that terrible feeling when you start unpacking after a move and realize that you’ll have to spend days ironing all your clothes all over again.

Why Do Clothes Have Wrinkles?

Heat and water are the main causes that weaken the bonds that keep the material in place. When garments cool down, they have a new shape. Even the new wrinkle-free fabrics face resilience problems, which is why they are mostly combined with durable, lightweight synthetic materials such as nylon. Therefore, creasing is hard to avoid altogether, but here are some tips on how to prevent wrinkles in clothes and make unpacking after the move way more manageable.

How to Keep Clothes From Wrinkling and Creasing

You just got all the boxes into your new place, you start unpacking, and you realize that all of your outfits are wrinkled. There is no time to iron them all in one day, so you have two options – to look like you just rolled out of bed for a week or to spend hours by the ironing board. For this not to happen, here are some tips to prevent wrinkles in clothes when you are packing for a relocation.

After Washing, Dry Your Wardrobe Thoroughly in the Dryer

Washing and drying are the biggest reason why creases form on clothing. The washer creates them, and the dryer sets them into place with heat. They first appear in the washer, and then the heat from the dryer works to eliminate them. However, if you leave the wardrobe in the dryer for too long, the creases will be fixed. Take a few minutes when it comes out of the dryer to fold it properly.

Use a Steamer to Avoid Wrinkles and Let the Clothes Hang for a While

If you don’t like ironing, this is an essential hack. This investment will pay off in the long run because it is straightforward to use, and you will be able to straighten your garments in a few minutes. It can also freshen up your stale wardrobe and furniture because it has deodorizing properties. After steaming, let the clothes hang for a couple of minutes to let creases reduce.

De-Wrinkling Spray Is a Good Option

De-wrinkling spray can be very helpful when traveling. Remember to spray a little on your garments before packing, but also at home, after ironing. There are many anti-wrinkle sprays on the market. You can make your own wrinkle remover by mixing water with a liquid fabric softener. It’s very simple, just spray it on your wardrobe, and you’re good to go.

Do Your Best to Iron Effectively

Some people like to iron, and some don’t. Of course, the more time and energy you invest in it, the better you’ll become. There are various ironing techniques, which will make your job much easier. For example, to secure the buttons, put a towel between the board and the outfit being ironed. Furthermore, putting a press cloth between the iron and the wrinkled fabric can help avoid scorching and creating shiny spots that a hot iron can sometimes make. After this you can put your wardrobe in the dry cleaner bags to protect it.

Simple Ways to Pack Your Clothes to Prevent Wrinkles

How to pack clothes wrinkle-free? Long distance moving is stressful, so plan on packing your garments on time. Some clothing, including dresses or shirts, need to be racked to prevent wrinkles. Other things, including sweaters, are better folded. Search through your items and decide which method is best. Also, take the opportunity to sort everything. In case you don’t wear some things anymore, you should sell or donate unwanted items. These are some suggestions on how to keep clothes wrinkle-free when moving.

Try to Bundle Wrap

Bundle wrapping is a modern technique that is successful but may not be logical. This approach entails wrapping the clothing around a bunch of wrinkle-resistant garments with the most fragile pieces on the outside. Even after leaving the bundle for some time, the garments will still look very nice. Pieces on the outside will be the most wrinkle-free, and the ones closest to the center will reveal somewhat more folds, but nothing too significant. Try bundle wrapping for yourself.

Army Roll Method

Rolling is the easiest way to keep your wardrobe free of creases. To prevent creasing, fold your garments all along the seams and smooth out wrinkles before rolling. If they are rumpled when you pack them, they will be wrinkled when you take them out of your suitcase or box. You don’t get rough creases when you roll your clothes, so try to roll them from top to bottom and put them next to each other. Watch the video below to see what it’s all about.

Use a Portable Clothing Rack When Moving

From dresses to suits and shirts, there are a lot of hanging garments to be moved. Wondering how to keep shirts from wrinkling? Luckily, there are a variety of methods that can help you transport and store your hanging wardrobe effectively. Try using a clothing rack to transport clothes, so they are easy to locate. You should order a portable rack that comes with wheels to ensure easy movement around the house. It will also make unpacking after a move much easier.

If You Need Help with Packing, Hire a Cross Country Moving Company

If you are moving in a hurry and have problems with packing your wardrobe or other items, it might be better to turn to professional state-to-state movers. Choosing the right long-distance moving services is a smart option. It is best to hire a long distance moving company that provides services such as packing and storage, or even auto transport. Most importantly, professional movers will provide you with a stress-free moving experience so that you can focus on other important things regarding your relocation and new home.

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