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How to Tip Movers – What’s the Right Way for Tipping

Moving for the first time was not easy. You have just joined a crowd of thousands of Americans who have moved cross-country, and most likely had the same question as you do now – how to tip movers. After the relocation turmoil has ended, you have to figure out how much money you should set aside to reward the hired team. This is a predicament that many of those who have ever moved share – whether the movers should be tipped or not?

No one wants to spend additional money if there is no need for it. However, if the hired professionals have just carried your 50-pound heavy mattress down the countless stairs in your building, making sure everything remained undamaged and clean, they should probably be rewarded extra for that. But then, how much money should you give them without offending them and their effort? Check out the guidelines below, and you will master the art of tipping.

How Much Money Do Professional Movers Really Make

If you are wondering how much money do relocation crews actually make, it depends on the company they are working for and the rate ranges. They are usually paid somewhere between $15 to $40 per hour, and tips go on top of that. Nonetheless, their work can be impacted by so many different factors – the weather, the difficulty of the move, the type of move – business or residential, and so on. Relocating someone in the summer under the burning sun is always paid more. The same goes for harsh weather conditions or moving during the holidays. You will be inclined to tip someone more when you see the work involved and how carefully and attentively they take care of your worthy items.

How to Tip Movers – What’s the Right Way to Decide Whether There Should Be Any Tipping

Different moving crews and relocation jobs require a different level of appreciation. If you are relocating your household for the first time, you will have trouble deciding how much money should go on the tipping. However, if you are not impressed in any way, there is no reason to spend extra cash. You have every right to expect good results, and if there aren’t any, there is no reason to set aside more money. However, if you hired professionals who have provided outstanding moving services, tackled the packing process smoothly, and made sure everything goes beyond your expectations, there is a good reason to encourage and reward them. Have a look at some of the factors you can take into account when making your decision.

The Complexity of the Move

Not every relocation is the same. If you are moving a huge household that has a lot of staircases where the hired team will have to carry heavy loads of boxes and vintage pieces of furniture – the volume of the work is significant, and you do have a good reason to tip the crew. Just put yourself in their shoes, and you will get the gist of what it looks like to relocate someone. On the other hand, if you are simply moving a few boxes with old stuff, and there is not much to do, maybe you won’t have to tip at all. The more work there is, the more reasons there are to add some extra cash.

Quality of the Services Movers Have Provided

Always ask yourself what the quality of the services provided is. Did your crew arrive on time? How did they take care of your belongings? You will see the difference right away between someone engaged and dedicated and someone who is just there to do the job. Keep track of the way packing and loading goes and then make the final decision. Besides, tipping is all about the service provided – you should be the one who decides.

Overall Moving Costs – Don’t Leave Your Savings Account Empty

How long have you been saving up for this relocation? If you cannot afford to spend additional money, no matter how good your crew is, then don’t do it. If you have hired a professional company that charges exorbitant fees for their relocation services, and you feel like you were overcharged, maybe it’s better to pay only what you are expected to and end it there. When you check the moving quote and have an insight into the overall costs of the move, you can make a final decision and decide what to do. Don’t rush into anything and make them think you are ready to give generous tips.

Are There Other Ways to Tip Your Movers Besides the Monetary Tips

Who said that the only way to show your appreciation is with money? There are other ways to express gratitude, and it doesn’t involve any tipping.

  • Prepare Drinks – make sure they always have something to freshen up with after a long day of hard labor
  • Bring food and snacks – Check on them and order some nice food, especially if this relocation is taking longer than expected. You can also make sandwiches, pizzas, and have some snacks by their side.
  • Leave a positive review – Give them positive feedback and recommend their assistance to your friends and family. This will inevitably affect their employment, and they might get a raise after your praises.

When Do You Leave Tips – Before or After the Relocation Has Taken Place

So, if you are wondering what the right time to give money is, we would always say – after everything has been arranged. Giving them money before the end of the move can have different results – it can be a motivation to do the job more passionately, or it can make them believe they don’t have to put in the effort any longer. This depends on the type of people you have in your household. Nonetheless, it is always better to wait until the end of the relocation.

Leave a Tip for Every Mover Involved

In the end, you should give tips to every mover involved, not just to one person. If you have decided to treat all of them, make sure you give the same amount of money to each one of them. Even if someone is doing a better job than someone else – they all deserve the same since they are part of a team.

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