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How to Pack Bathroom Items for Moving

There is a lot to get packed before relocating long-distance. But what about the bathroom? Even though it may be the least complicated room to finish, you should still know how to pack bathroom items for moving. Here are a few tips you can try to get your restroom ready for relocating.

Sort Through Your Belongings

If you go through all of the things you have in your bathroom, you can bet that you’re going to find a lot more stuff than you realize. So, you must sort through each item and group them before you start loading boxes. A common mistake that a lot of people make is to go to their restroom without any plan. Don’t let that be you.

Create a Bathroom Inventory List

Be sure to create an inventory list, so you know what goes where while you’re sorting. These items can include:

  • Medications
  • Cosmetics
  • Haircare products
  • Soaps and body wash
  • Appliances and accessories
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Dental care products
  • Towels and rags
  • Cleaning supplies

Now that you’ve sorted and organized your belongings, packing should be a breeze, and you’ll be able to keep track of where your things are. Sorting can also help if you decide to hire long distance movers for their expert moving services and get your things moved quickly.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Since you’re moving cross country, you’re not going to need everything from your old home, especially stuff from your bathroom. Unless you get your soap and deodorant from a farmers market, most things you find in your restroom are easy to replace. To save yourself the trouble, get rid of stuff that you don’t need.

Expired and Used Items

Why not give your medicine cabinet a quick look and see how many expired prescription bottles you have? If you find any, go ahead and get rid of them. Just be sure to follow any instructions on how to dispose of expired medications properly. After that, you should look at each product you have and check the expiration dates. Some products you own might not work as well. Also, check to see if you have anything empty like shampoo and conditioner bottles and toss them. You’ll also want to get rid of anything that’s almost empty. If you’re struggling to squeeze out that last bit from the flat tube of toothpaste, it’s best to let it go.

Have Packing Supplies Ready

Now that you’ve organized and streamlined your belongings, you can start getting packed. In most cases, packing a bathroom is relatively simple, but if you have a bit more than the average household, it would be wise to get all of the necessary materials.

Essential Packing Materials

Just like any other room in your house, you’ll have to have the regular packing supplies. Only this time you’ll also have to use some atypical materials. Just in case you aren’t sure what to get, here are some tips for supplies you can get:

  • Small ziplock bags to store your toiletries and smaller appliances.
  • Large plastic bags can carry any towels or rags.
  • Small boxes can hold medium-sized appliances or accessories.

Handle Make-up Carefully When Packing

The bathroom is a sanctuary with all of your favorite cosmetics, where the real magic happens. But, since you’re relocating a long distance, you want to ensure that all makeup and skincare products are packed away safely. Depending on how much you own, you might need to get a few extra boxes rather than use plastic bags to adequately pack it, or call a customer care agent for questions about packing services for a guaranteed expert job.

Packing Cleaning Supplies

Always be extra careful when boxing any cleaning materials. They can be tricky to move, and most moving companies will not handle them because they are considered hazardous. So it’s vital that either you properly dispose of them or adequately pack them and load them where they’ll be out of the way. If you aren’t sure how to handle cleaning materials, look up some tips on managing them.

Put Your Toiletries In A Separate Bag

Every day you have a routine, and just because you’re moving to a new home doesn’t mean you skip it. Nothing is worse than traveling a long distance with bad odor, so make sure you keep a plastic bag separate for the toiletries you use every day. You can also use this time to buy extra toiletries if you need them before your travel and while on the road.

Toiletries You Use Daily

Whatever items you use when getting ready for your day should be on the list of things to bring with you. You never know when you might need them. Here are some items you should consider keeping close by on your trip:

  • Extra toothbrush and toothpaste – At some point, you’re going to get hungry and eat, so make sure you pack a new toothbrush for after your meal.
  • Stick deodorant – Whatever means you’re using to travel, it’s always good to have a small stick of deodorant if you start sweating or if you didn’t have enough time to shower before you left.
  • Medicine and first aid kit – When traveling, you always carry a first aid kit and different kinds of medication with you in case of any accidents or you or someone with you starts feeling ill.
  • Hygiene products – Other essential items for you to have are latex gloves, disposable masks, feminine hygiene products, and a couple of small bottles of hand sanitizer.

Now You Know How to Pack Bathroom Items for Moving

Of course, packing up everything in the bathroom seems like a piece of cake given the size. There isn’t nearly as much to do compared to the kitchen or living room, but there’s one thing to remember: it still takes a fair amount of effort to get done. The keys to a successfully packed restroom, of course, are planning, organizing, downsizing, and finally packing. Although, if you want to make your long-distance relocation much quicker, you can always contact long distance movers for a free estimate. They have many different long distance moving services to help you handle your stuff, including auto shipping service. If you choose the right company, you may even be able to ship your stuff in a transported car..

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