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How to Pack a Moving Truck Like a Pro – Best Tips and Tricks

Have you decided to move on your own? You will want to lower your expenses and take care of everything as efficiently as possible. Knowing how to pack a moving truck will be very useful when relocating without the help of movers, as it will mean fewer trips between your new and your old home.

To make the relocation easier on your savings account and your budget, you plan to rent a truck and sort everything out on your own. After reading these tips on how to load a truck both safely and efficiently, you’ll be ready to tackle your relocation like a real expert.

Preparing Everything for the Job

Having a system is crucial when it comes to making any part of the relocation process safe and efficient. This is also the case when it comes to moving on a low budget and doing everything on your own. Loading everything properly requires some planning and preparation, as well.

Gather the Packing Materials and a Crew Before You Get Started

One of the best tips that you should stick to is getting plenty of packing material and supplies. Boxes, tape, wrap, and scissors are obvious choices, but you will also need a dolly, blankets, and straps, as well as furniture pads. These items will be handy when it comes to protecting your belongings, as well as to avoid any injuries during the move. If you don’t want to hire professionals with moving services, you can still buy or rent boxes and other packing supplies from them if you don’t have any of these. Know that you can hire full or partial packing services to prepare your stuff for transport and then do the rest of the job yourself.

One of the most common mistakes during a move is thinking that you can tackle everything on your own. But even if you don’t want to hire any professional help, handling heavy furniture, boxes, and other hefty possessions will still require some additional manpower. Get in touch with your friends and family members who can help you out. This will make the entire process much more efficient and safer. In case you’re moving during the holidays, it may be hard to assemble a team, but you could also throw a packing and loading party before or after the move.

Disassemble Your Larger Belongings and Place Everything in Front of the Moving Truck

One of the best tips for using the space in the vehicle efficiently is to disassemble your furniture and other bulky belongings before you pack anything. You will be surprised by how much extra space you will gain this way.

Remove the legs from the dining tables and chairs, which will make it easier to load them in the vehicle – like playing Tetris. Disassemble your bed by removing the headboards and frames. Another good piece of advice on how to transport heavy items is to remove the drawers before you get started, and put them back in once you’ve loaded your cabinet or dresser.

After you’ve disassembled your belongings, get them in front of the truck, ready to be loaded in. In case you aren’t able to disassemble any of your larger objects, a useful tip is to pack your smaller possessions and any small box inside them.

The Most Important Tip Is to Load the Heavy Items First

You should always think about safety during a move, both in terms of avoiding injuries and protecting your possessions from getting damaged. This is why loading heavy items first is one of the most common tips you will hear.

Make sure that you have enough crew members to tackle the heavy lifting. You will want to place them in the back of the vehicle, standing upright. If you have the straps at the ready, now is the time to secure everything in place. Your fridge or washing machine flying around in the back of the vehicle is a huge hazard. Learning how to drive the truck will be hard enough without it dragging on one side, so try to position your heavy belongings on different sides of the vehicle to balance the weight.

The Loading Order for the Rest of Your Items

After you’ve handled the most crucial step, let’s go over how you should load the rest of your belongings. The items that should go in after the heaviest ones are the longest ones. They would otherwise be the hardest ones to pack if you already filled up the remaining space with other belongings. Place all of your tabletops, mirrors, and mattresses against the wall to save up on space and avoid any damage during the move. Like with your other bulky belongings, you’ll want to use ties and straps to secure the longer objects in place, too.

Then you’ll want to get your boxes and other appliances into the truck. The trick here is to avoid the heavy boxes crushing your other belongings underneath them. This is the main reason why every moving guide will suggest leaving some room at the top of the box when packing that you can fill with bubble wrap or paper. Try to stack them so that no box can move around, and to make it easier to place other belongings on top of them.

After you have sorted out the heaviest and longest possessions, you can load in the remaining belongings. Remember to keep any priceless jewelry and personal documents by your side, as you can’t risk losing them during the move. Place all of your smaller and fragile items on top of the heavier ones. When possible, you can place them inside other pieces of furniture, drawers, and open spaces. Just make sure that they’re not underneath anything heavier so that they don’t get crushed or scratched during the move.

The bags with your clothes, bedding, linen, and your other belongings that can’t be crushed or broken easily should be the last things inside. This loading order will also make the unloading and unpacking after the move way easier.

Safety Tip on How to Pack a Moving Truck – Protect Your Boxes Using Blankets and Wraps

To make sure that your possessions don’t get damaged during the move, you should cover everything with blankets and wraps. Strapping your bulkier belongings to the wall of the vehicle will prevent them from flying around in transit. You can also cover them with blankets, just like your other possessions. Wrapping up your smaller items as you are loading them in is another neat trick for a safe and efficient move. After you have loaded everything inside, and your belongings are still moving around, you can use the blankets to fill in the empty spaces between them.

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