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5 Roommate Websites You Should Check Out

Are you in the process of looking for people to split rent with? Then there are some great roommate websites you can use to do so. They are a great resource for meeting new people you could potentially move in with, whether you’re moving for college or looking for a place to start over as a young professional. But before we talk a little more about the websites themselves, let’s take a look at some tips for looking for the best flatmate.

How to Utilize Roommate Websites Before Moving in with Someone

There is so much more to looking for a new flatmate than just going to a website and picking the first free person you come across or the first apartment with reasonable rent. This is someone you will be living with for quite some time, which is why you should make sure you’re compatible.

Tips for Choosing the Best Roommate

The number one thing you should do when talking to potential roommates is to make sure your lifestyles are compatible and that you generally like each other. Ask questions and be as honest as possible when answering the other person’s questions. Every little thing could possibly create a problem if you don’t know what you’re getting into. Some of the things you need to ask include:

  • Do you smoke? If one of you smokes, this could potentially cause problems for the other person.
  • What do you do in your free time? If the new flatmate’s hobbies include things like playing drums in the middle of the night, you probably won’t want to live with them.
  • When do you usually sleep? Incompatible daily routines could leave you both sleep-deprived in the long run.
  • Do you have any pets? It is extremely important to establish whether pets are allowed, and if so, which and how many.
  • What were your previous roommates like? You can learn a lot about a person by listening to them talk about other people. For example, if they say that their previous flatmates would always nag about cleaning, chances are this person is not too tidy.
  • What is your source of income? This might be a bit of an uncomfortable question to ask or answer, but it is important, as it will tell you a lot about the person’s ability to cover the cost of rent and bills on time every month.
  • Do you have friends over often? Depending on your preferences, you might not like having people over a lot. If your potential roommates are the opposite, this could potentially cause problems later on.
  • What are your habits when it comes to cleaning? This is something roommates argue about the most. So make sure you’re clear on responsibilities when it comes to cleaning and other chores before moving in together.

Remember to Be Safe

Don’t let yourself forget that you are essentially meeting strangers online. This always comes with a certain risk. So take precautionary measures and use common sense to stay safe. Never meet with them alone and try to arrange meetings in public places. If a person seems a little off, feel free to listen to your gut, even if there is nothing in particular that you don’t like.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the most important things to do when looking for new flatmates, it is time to take a look at our top five roommate websites.

Roomi Helps You Find Roommates

Roomi is a free website and an app designed specifically to help people search for and find new roommates and flatmates. One of the great things about this website is that it conducts thorough background checks on all users, which significantly reduces the risk of running into scammers. In fact, profiles of those users who have completed all steps of identity verification feature a clear checkmark. On top of that, the app features a security system for messaging, which means that you can rest assured your information will stay safe.


Whoever created SpareRoom.com surely knows the importance of compatibility with your flatmates. That is why the website features options for a personalized search. You can filter potential roommates by age, gender, occupation, and so on, and potential accommodation by location, size, rent price, and pet-friendliness, among other things. What’s more, they also do detailed checkups for every ad posted on the website.


Roomiematch is specifically focused on helping you find a flatmate who matches your personality. Every ad submission is checked by a person, not a computer, to ensure the highest level of security. The website also offers a premium version which includes additional features. However, you can also browse it for free.


WhileCraigslist isn’t really created for this type of thing specifically, it is still a very valuable free resource. This is mostly because way more people use craigslist than any other roommate search website out there. However, this also means that its security systems aren’t as efficient and the risk of running into scammers is higher.


Roomster allows you to log in using your social media accounts such as Facebook, which means that it will be much easier to dig out additional information about any prospective flatmates you find here. What’s more, Roomster isn’t limited to the United States only. You can use the website to search for a roommate in almost 200 countries.

Have these websites yielded no results? If you’re still struggling to find the right person to split the rent with, some other websites you should check out include PadMapper, Diggz, or even Reddit’s subforums or Facebook groups. Of course, you can always simply ask around and see if any of your friends know anyone who’s looking for a roommate.

And once you find a suitable person to live with, the next logical step is to find a company with excellent moving services and highly-skilled packers> to transport your stuff to your new home. And while we’re at it, maybe you would want to check out the best moving apps that can make the whole relocation process a lot easier.

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