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How Many Moving Boxes Do I Need? Here’s the Answer

Have you started packing yet? Then you’ve probably asked yourself the question “How many moving boxes do I need?”. It may help you save time and money to know the exact quantity you should use to pack all your belongings. It will save you money if you do not buy too many. Likewise, you will spare time if you buy enough not to have to run to the shop every once in a while. According to some estimates, you should have around 60, but this depends on your household and the exact size of each room.

Types and Sizes of Moving Boxes

Before deciding on the right amount, you should know which box sizes are offered on the market.

Standard Moving Box for Homes

A standard box, the one you will need the most, usually comes in four sizes. Small ones are size 18”x18”x16” and they cost approximately $1 per box. Medium-size ones are approximately 16”x12”x12” and they cost around $1.50 each. Big ones amount to 18”x18”x24” and they cost about $2 each. Extra-large ones are size 24”x18”x24” and they will cost you approximately $2.50 per box.

Specialty Moving Boxes

This type is meant for kitchen stuff, clothes, books, pictures, documents, etc. Dish ones are designed to protect breakable kitchen items, such as glasses and plates. Their size is usually 18’’x18’’x28’’ and they cost around $6. Wardrobe ones are made for hanging clothes and they are made in three sizes: small, medium, and big. Book ones are size 12”x12”x12” and the price is about $1.25. Picture and mirror ones are made to protect framed valuables and they are made in three sizes: standard, big and a 4-piece box which costs around $8.

Factors that Determine the Number

Even though it is not possible to know everything in advance, certain factors that can help you get the right idea about the amount and size that is required for your relocation. The most obvious factor is the size of each room and how many items you have in your home. If you have more than one room, the number of belongings to pack will increase. However, square footage may be more precise in determining the number of items to pack, as it shows how much space there is for all of the stuff.

How Many Moving Boxes Do I Need for Packing My Rooms?

An average amount that is needed for packing one room would be ten small ones, eight medium ones, and five big ones. But the amount may vary depending on the conditions we discussed above, so it might be prudent to buy a few extra just to be sure.

How to Pack My Home?

Before you start packing, think about downsizing the items you will take to your new home because this is the right time to do it. Make sure you buy enough supplies, such as tape (one roll of tape for 30-60 packages), paper and bubble wrap (minimum 3 lbs ofpaper and 20 feet of bubble wrap), 1-4 markers (especially if you expect other people helping you pack, it is useful to give each of them a marker), labels (1-2 per box).

Number of Moving Boxes by Square Feet

Keep in mind that the quantity of moving boxes may vary depending on your situation and other calculations available. However, there is an average quantity depending on the size of your home.

How Many Do I Need for a Studio Apartment?

It is advised to get 15 medium, 13 big, seven extra-large, four wardrobe, and three picture ones.

How Many Do I Need for a One-Bedroom Apartment?

It will take you 20 medium, 16 big, eight extra-large, four wardrobe, and four picture boxes.

How Many Do I Need for a Two-Bedroom Apartment?

You will require 30 medium, 22 big, ten extra-large, four wardrobe, and six picture ones.

How Many Do I Need for a Three-Bedroom Apartment?

It takes about 45 medium, 31 big, 13 extra-large, four wardrobe, and nine picture boxes.

As you have seen, the question “How many moving boxes do I need?” does not have a definite answer. It all depends on the dimensions of your home, box types and the size and number of your possessions. Fortunately, you can always hire professional moversto do this calculation for you. They will bring all the necessary material with them and do all the packing.

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