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How to Organize a Packing Party Before Moving

Packing a household for a move is not something that is usually associated with partying and having fun. But what if we told you that you can throw the best packing party and have your entire house packed?

Yes, this is a way to get the job done and spend some quality time with the people you love. All you need is some planning, time-managing, and enough food bribe to keep your friends happy and engaged while they are dealing with your things. If there is a number of people helping you out, you won’t even need professional packing services.

This will be a unique type of gathering with your close friends where you can enjoy each other’s company, have some nice food and drinks, and get the job done. Refer to the tips below and arrange everything just how you like it!

Will a Packing Party Change Anything and Why Should You Throw One?

Do you really need a reason for a get-together? It is always good to be festive about something, and this event can be your chance to say a proper goodbye to your close friends. Why would you have to go through the possessions alone and deal with the tedious loading and unloading process? You know that you cannot deal with everything all by yourself, which is why this event will help you have the best relocation ever.

So, have some friends come over – let them help you pack and arrange the boxes. Their assistance may come especially handy if you are relocating in a hurry.

Before you have anyone come to your place, you should make sure you only have stuff that you intend to relocate left. Otherwise, you won’t get to enjoy the celebration as all of you will be too focused on the downsizing part of the move.

Plan ahead and get rid of all those old stuff that is just hanging in your closet. The same stands for any torn pieces of furniture – make sure those are evacuated. Before your friends arrive, you will know approximately how much work will there actually be. Once everything is finished, and the celebrations went well, you will be ready for the moving day. If you are thinking about turning it into a real party and inviting more people, make sure you do it before the relocation day.

Make a few phone calls, include some nice cocktails, dance with your friends, and have the best farewell ever. You will enjoy the atmosphere as much as they do.

Here Comes the Party – Get Organized

With big events, such as household relocation, you have to plan a lot and make sure everything runs on schedule. And if we are talking about a long-distance relocation, you will definitely need someone to help with the packing process. Instead of spending additional money on expert movers and packers, your friends will be a perfect solution.

You Should Prepare the Packing Supplies Weeks Before the Move

There is no point in having your friends over to your home if you don’t have the necessary supplies ready. If you don’t tackle the process earlier, you will end up having to hire professional moving services. This is one of the reasons we emphasize the importance of planning and managing.  Your new home is waiting for you, but before you reach it, make sure you have all the tools you need that will speed up the relocation process. You would want to know how many moving boxes you need, or any other supplies. The truth is that there is a wide range of packaging supplies, nonetheless, these are some of the most common ones:

  • Moving boxes of different size: small, medium, large
  • Bubble wrap
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Protective paper
  • Protective sheet

Have a look at a few online packing tutorials to learn better the way to deal with the delicate items. Some things take time, and when you start dealing with the fragile stuff, you will need to be extremely cautious. The above-mentioned supplies will help you keep them safe.

Don’t Forget to Invite People – Send out the Party Invitations on Time

Last but not least – where are those party invitations? Don’t end up alone with a bunch of stuff to pack. Send out the invitations at least two weeks before the relocation day, so your friends can organize and be there to assist you. Even if some people really want to join, they might not be able to come because they have to run some personal errands. Don’t take that personally, but do make sure you distribute the invitations on time and help your friends get organized.

And when they finally arrive at your home, don’t forget to offer them food and drinks. After all, they are the ones doing you a favor.

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