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Fun Things To Do Before a Move

Moving can be an emotional challenge. You are moving away from what is familiar and into an unfamiliar place. Decluttering and packing can be overwhelming. During a time of change, it is essential to focus on the fun to make it through the move. Depending on where you move, you will be leaving behind neighbors, friends, and even family members. Throw a party and invite everyone to come. It is a great time to say your goodbyes, exchange contact information and get some pictures. You can do the cooking yourself or pick up some orders from your local spot. Also, do not forget next things:

Create a memory album

Before you start doing the main packing, take time to get pictures of your home. You can add those photos to a unique photo album. Remember to get pictures of the neighborhood, your kids’ schools, neighbors, friends, and family in the area. That memory album will go a long way when dealing with homesickness.

Have a moving sale

Okay, having a moving sale may not sound like fun, but it can be! Everyone in the family can participate, marking their items for sale. Then, get some signs out and let the buyers come. A few hours of your time will lighten the amount you need to move and give you a bit of extra money to spend.

Go somewhere new

Visit a museum or other attraction you have never been to before. Most people have somewhere they have wanted to visit in their local area, but never made time to do it. In between packing, take a few hours to hit that funky museum, unique shop, or sightseeing destination. It will help you relax and get away from the stress of moving for a bit. Remember to add the pictures to your memory album.

Treat yourself

Moving is stressful, even with the help of professional moving companies. Don’t let things get overwhelming. Take time for yourself. Set an appointment for a massage, a pedicure, or a trip to the bookstore. Taking little breaks here and there will reduce the stress of the move for everyone.

Eat at your favorite restaurants

You likely have at least one restaurant that you love to frequent. Before you move, make it a point to visit your local favorites. It will be one less meal to cook at home while enjoying good food in a place you love. For the night before the move, make one last trip to your favorite spot.

Go with the flow

Remind yourself that moving is a time of inevitable change. Remember that in the weeks leading up to a move and then in the weeks after, life will be different. But also know that it will get back into a pattern. Embrace the change for what it is and have an adventure that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

There are so many ways that you can lighten the mood as you get ready for a household relocation. Take a break each week to do one of the fun things on your list. Don’t let a move get you down. Permit yourself to have a bit of fun before the moving van pulls up to the curb. It will make a move easier for you. If you want any more moving tips and tricks visit our blogs.

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