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Top 5 Most Common Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you apprehensive about your upcoming long-distance move? What if something goes wrong? What if you make some crucial moving mistakes? Though it can be frustrating when they happen, the best thing we can do is learn from these mishaps. To help you avoid some of the most common hiccups when moving long-distance, here is a list of things you shouldn’t do.

What Are Typical Moving Mistakes People Make

Everyone who is relocating, short or long-distance, wants as much of a stress-free moving experience as possible. Unfortunately, we are all subject to making errors and having a few slip-ups here and there. Some of these typical errors include not planning well enough or not getting the right packing materials for moving. Many of these slip-ups happen when trying to cut corners, so they can easily be avoided.

Mistake #1: Not Enough Planning

It’s typical for people to want to rush right into the relocating process and skip all the fine details. For long-distance relocating, that is a huge mistake. There are far too many things to consider when moving to a new state and city. You have to plan everything out with a checklist or to-do list. Not doing so can cost you many hours and a lot of money that you may not be able to afford later on.

Not Having a Plan Can Complicate Things

Not having a solid relocation plan is a lot like traveling with no map; you really won’t be sure where you’re going or what you should do. Getting packed can take much longer, you might spend way too much on packing supplies, or you might end up having to rush through a last-minute move because you spent too much of your day on one task, like looking up the cheapest way to move out of state. Overall, you’re going to have problems getting moved out. As a quick solution to this mistake, you can download available moving apps to help you get a jump start on a plan.

No Budget Can Lead to Overspending

We cannot stress enough that moving cross-country is not cheap. You’re going to have a lot of expenses to take care of, and if you don’t have a relocation budget, you’re likely going to dig deep into your savings. Unless you’re an expert on when to start applying for jobs before moving and you’ve landed a decent paying job, the last thing you want to do is start over in a new state with no funds.

Mistake #2: Poor Time Management

Nothing is worse than making a last-minute move because you didn’t manage your hours well. It’s very frustrating and can easily throw everything off, causing some severe delays in your schedule. Combat this by creating a workable schedule for your relocation. One of the best tips for moving out of state is to start planning your relocation two months in advance, so you have plenty of hours to work with.

Spending Too Much Time on a Task is Bad

There is a time for everything, but not everything should take too much of your day. Depending on when you’ve set your relocation day, there’s much to do and only so much time. Designate a certain amount of hours for each task, so you don’t spend too much of your day looking up how to pack dishes for moving, for example. Try to create an hour-by-hour schedule first thing in the morning, and stick to it.

Don’t Put Anything Off Until the Last Minute

Time waits for no man, and neither does your set move day, so do not put anything off until the last minute. People typically make this mistake with getting packed and organizing and will wait until either the day before or the move day itself to pack some items. Unless you contact reliable long-distance movers for their packing service, you should work to get everything packed and finished with daylight to spare.

Mistake #3: Not Organizing for Packing

One of the most significant errors that a surprising amount of people don’t think of is not organizing your belongings. It’s easy to create a mess while getting all of your belongings ready to be packed, but it can be very frustrating while having to pack if you don’t organize and declutter.

You Won’t Like Having to Pack If You Don’t Organize

Have you ever tried working in a messy space? It’s tough to get anything done as you aren’t sure which section starts and which section ends where. It’s doubly frustrating for anyone trying to help you because they won’t even know where to begin. An excellent solution for this is decluttering. In other words, get rid of unwanted items. You can always opt to throw away, recycle, or donate unwanted items.

Your Hired Movers’ Job Will Be Much Harder

Although you’ve hired cross-country movers for their moving services and they’ll help you move, they’ll appreciate the effort of trying to keep everything organized and ready to be packed and loaded. Having your belongings well organized will also help the day go by much smoother, and you’ll get settled in your new home much faster. If your home is a mess with no sort of organization, you and the relocation team are in for a long and frustrating day.

Mistake #4: Packing Heavy Items in Large Boxes

One of the most common errors is buying large boxes for heavy items. Not only can they break that way, but they are much harder to manage and load. For many, the question “how many moving boxes do I need” doesn’t even cross their minds, and they only buy a few large containers expecting it to be enough. Instead, you should opt to use more medium or small-sized cartons because they’re much sturdier and easier to manage and you can get many for a good price.

Mistake #5: Not Hiring a Long-Distance Moving Company

The cheaper option, of course, is to ask friends and family to help you move. They can be a great help if you can get it. It’s important to remember that they have lives of their own, so they might not be able to dedicate their day to your move. The more reliable option, and a safer one, is to hire professional interstate movers. They have the right equipment, training, and experience to help you get relocated without any hiccups. It will surely be a more enjoyable experience for you, so you might want to figure out how to tip movers.

Lots of Stuff With No Storage Rental Can be Frustrating

When relocating across the country, it’s typical to need some extra space while getting settled in. This is why long-distance relocation companies offer storage services for those who need that extra space. Not having a storage unit can be highly inconvenient when you first move in. You might need that space for a house renovation, painting, or if you simply can’t move everything at once.

Have a Mistake-Free Move

Now that you’ve gotten familiar with all the common errors during relocation, you can easily avoid them. Remember to start early and be patient so that you don’t make any of the same mistakes. If you do, just remember that you can fix them, but you won’t have to fix anything if you do it right at first.

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