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Best Ideas for Entertaining and Unique Moving Announcements

Long-distance relocation is an exciting period but can also be pretty challenging. In the midst of planning, organizing, and unpacking, you’ll want to tell your friends where they can find you with unique moving announcements. Keep reading to see why announcing a move is essential and get creative with some announcement ideas we have listed just for you.

Should I Send Moving Announcements?

Whether you’re moving out for the first time or not, you’ll want to let your friends and family members know your new address. You want them to reach you easily, and such invitations are an easy and quick way to make long-distance friendships possible. Sending an announcement about your move has other benefits as well. For example, with your friends knowing your future location, you won’t miss out on important mail or gifts they’ll most likely be shipping in the following months. Have you been asking yourself these questions: how do you announce a change of address or how do you announce a business relocation? Before we get onto the creative moving announcements, let’s see what information it should include.

What to Write on Moving Announcement Cards?

You’ve found the cheapest way to move out of state, but you’re not sure what information to include in your custom moving announcements? To find out, be sure to read the following list:

  • Be sure to write the full names of you and your household members to avoid any confusion when shipping your cards
  • Want to send cards to neighbors who only know you as Mr. and Mrs. Johnson from No. 28? This is the reason to include your current address (soon to be former) in your invitation as well
  • Of course, essential information is your new address. Remember to include the full postal address on your cards. You surely want those gifts and mail to find their way to your new location
  • You don’t have to share your reasons to move, but it would be good to confirm if it’s temporary or permanent. For example, if you’re relocating for work and will be back in a couple of months, you should let your friends know that information
  • Many people also include other contact details on these cards, such as home number, cell phone number, email address, and social media account.

Unique Moving Announcements: Share Your New Location With Loved Ones

Occasions such as a wedding, a baby shower, or even a sweet 16 birthday party are significant in a person’s lifetime. These big events require invitations. Relocating to another state is among these monumental events. We have seen all the benefits of announcing a move, but let’s turn to some ideas for creative moving announcements now.

Cards: Old School Moving to a New Home Announcements

Many people still receive this kind of invitation. Shipping a card is an excellent way to send someone a written copy of your new location. You can easily find thousands of great options to choose from just by a simple Google search. If you can’t find the perfect card to buy, you could make one yourself. For example, if you’re moving during the holidays, your personalized cards can have Christmas motifs.

Digital Invitations: Make It More Fun and Easier

We briefly mentioned social media accounts as additional contact on your cards. Yet nowadays, you can get the most interactive tools for announcing your move precisely there. For example, you can create an event page on Facebook, invite all your friends and family members to join, and announce the exciting news to everyone.

Host a Themed Moving Away Party

There’s no better way of breaking the big news about relocation than a moving away party. If you decide to organize it in your new home, you’ll meet new neighbors and introduce them to people you care about. You have many great options regarding the party’s theme. However, if you decide to organize it before the relocation, consider arranging a packing party. Provide enough snacks, refreshments, packing materials for moving, and invite your friends to pack at least one box during the party. You’ll not only save money on packing services but will have more energy for unpacking after a move. Forget about packing tips for moving in a hurry and have a fantastic time with your friends.

Create a Personalized Map

Use Google Maps and build a custom map that will include directions to your new home address. You can create a map and add text or even embed videos and images that can entertain friends and family as they make plans to visit you. Don’t forget to adjust the privacy settings before sending out your map to loved ones.

Let Your Pooch Announce the Move

If you’re relocating with a dog, you should let your beloved furry friend make the announcement. For example, you can make a photo announcement with your dog carrying a sign “we’ve moved”. Making the sign is a perfect opportunity to relax after the move and get creative in the process. If you’re moving with kids, they will surely enjoy making it with you.

Home Shaped Origami Announcement

Do you want to make your announcement through an origami shaped invitation? Click on the video below to get the step-by-step instructions of the house-shaped card.

Send Your Unique Moving Announcements With Confidence

And we have come to the end of our guide on creative moving announcements. Now you know why it’s important to send out those invitations, what information to include, and hopefully, you have found the perfect design that best suits your personality.

You must not forget how challenging cross-country relocation is. Consider finding professional long-distance movers who will offer cost-effective and reliable moving services. If your move-out and move-in days don’t match, you should find clean and climate-controlled storage units for your precious belongings. Long-distance relocations can be challenging when it comes to travel. So if you’re a car owner, you should hire auto transport services. Getting help from trustworthy long-distance movers will not only provide a stress-free moving experience but will give you plenty of free time to concentrate on other moving-related tasks, such as making your unique moving announcements.

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