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College Packing List for Guys – The Ultimate Checklist

Are you starting college and moving away from home to a dorm soon? Then we’ve prepared a college packing list for guys to ensure you don’t forget to bring any essentials you might need. We understand that moving for school can be an overwhelming experience, so the last thing you need is realizing you forgot something important at home halfway into your first semester. That is why we at Long Distance Moving Experts have decided to make the whole thing easier for you. Read on to find out what you should bring to your new home.

A College Packing List for Guys – The Essentials

The first thing you should think about are the absolute essentials. We are talking about items that are almost impossible to live without in a dorm room. From bed linens and shower supplies to your laptop, these items can vary quite a bit, depending on the person. It would probably be a good idea to divide this checklist into several parts.

Items to Make Your College Dorm Feel Like a House

First thing’s first, you will need stuff for your dorm room. Things such as bed linens, kitchen towels, basic dishes, and shower supplies are a must. If you are going to share your living spaces with a roommate or a flatmate, it would be a good idea to contact them and see what they will bring to the dorm. For example, if they are bringing a microwave, there is no need for you to bring one. You could offer to bring something else, such as a clothing iron or other things for the room. However, don’t forget to mention if there is anything you are not comfortable sharing with someone else, such as shower supplies or glasses and mugs.

Personal Essentials

Aside from household belongings, there are also personal essentials you should bring. By this, we are mainly talking about toiletries such as:

  • a toothbrush
  • a shaving kit
  • a shower gel
  • clothes
  • laundry bags
  • pillows and bed sheets

If there is anything else you feel like you absolutely can’t live without, feel free to add it to the list.

Back-to-School List

If you are not enrolling in the first year, but only moving dorms, you still might want to come up with and write down new things to carry with you. These could be items that are outdated, such as speakers that only work if plugged in at a certain angle or things that you haven’t had so far but would make your life easier.

College Supplies

Of course, your main reason for moving is school, which is why you need to think hard about what supplies you will need. A laptop or tablet is practically a must. You should also pack some notebooks, pens, and so on. Depending on your field of study, you might want to pack additional items such as art supplies or laboratory gear.

What Other Stuff to Bring

The items on this miscellaneous part of the list largely depend on who you are as a person and what you enjoy doing. For example, if you like exercising every day, you will want to pack your workout gear and clothes. If you’re an avid gamer, don’t forget to pack a gaming console for your room. The best way to create this checklist is by writing down every day the things that you notice you use frequently. That could be art supplies, a card collection, or anything in between.

Packing Materials

Now that you have decided what to pack, it is time to get all the necessary materials. You should know that packing is a little more complicated than simply boxing all your stuff. There are certain ways some objects need to be packed to ensure damage-free transport. For example, if you still have all the original boxes for your electronics, they are the best thing you could use.

Additionally, some items, such as glasses, require specialized boxes with compartments that prevent them from getting damaged. If you own any finer pieces of clothing, you might want to get a wardrobe box with a clothing rack. Otherwise, you can pack your clothes in laundry bags or even regular plastic bags. Regardless of what you are bringing with you, here are the supplies you will surely need:

  • Boxes of different shapes and sizes. It is important that you have different size boxes, as heavier items should be packed in smaller ones, while lighter things can fit in big ones.
  • Paper. Use paper to protect your items from rubbing against each other when in a box. Layer the paper between plates when stacking them or wrap your books in it. If you’re looking to save money, you can always use old newspapers for this.
  • Bubble wrap. For more fragile belongings, you must protect them with at least two layers of bubble wrap. You could also use pieces of old clothing or kitchen towels, but those don’t offer as good of protection.
  • Foam peanuts. Peanuts are used to fill in all the empty spaces in a box before sealing it. This prevents the contents from moving around too much.
  • Duct tape. The only way to ensure your boxes are properly sealed is to put a double layer of duct tape.
  • Labels. Don’t forget to label every box once you’ve packed it. This will make the unpacking process much easier.

Now that you know what to pack and how to do it, it’s time to get ready to move from home to your dorm. And if you think you’ll need the help of professionals, feel free to turn to Long Distance Moving Experts. We have experience helping students move, ship their car, or store their belongings/a>, and we’re sure we can help you to. Contact us today to request an estimate.

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