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Moving from California to Michigan with Long Distance Moving Experts

Moving to the amazing state of Michigan is an exciting decision, but one that involves a lot of forethought and planning. So, first of all, you will need Long Distance Moving Experts for relocation because our long distance movers are among the best moving services in the country. Our California movers will provide you with additional information regarding our moving services, such as:

– Residential relocation services
– Corporate relocation services
– Long distance car shipping, including:
-terminal to terminal
-door to door auto transport
-open car carriers
-enclosed car carriers
– Professional packing services
– Moving supplies
– Storage units

Also, if you let our long distance movers create a high-level master plan of how to organize your relocation it will be the key to a happy long distance move. Long Distance Moving Experts will plan everything in advance, and they won’t let moving stress get the best of you! Our Long Distance Moving Experts crew also offers you its auto transport services, no matter where you are relocating from; we can organize the delivery of your vehicle anywhere across the U.S. All you need to do is to contact us and discuss your needs. California movers will handle your car shipping smoothly at a very affordable price. We are proud of our skilled, experienced team that has done hundreds of long distance moves all over the country at our clients’ satisfaction. There are two ways to have your car shipped:

-a door to door delivery-which means that we collect your car at your present address and deliver it to your new address.
– terminal to terminal- you can drive your car to the nearest terminal, where you leave it and collect it again at the terminal in your new city.

California movers advise you to discuss with one of our agents about the service that suits you best. We can also ship your vehicle on an open carrier or on an enclosed carrier. Both ways are equally safe. They just differ in price since you pay some extra money for the enclosed one if you want your vehicle to get to the final destination as clean as it was before the transportation.
As soon as you call our California movers representatives, you will get all the tips regarding your long distance move, as well as the answers to all your questions.
Cities in California: Huntington ParkBaldwin Park, Los Angeles, Hawthorne, Glendora, Covina, Long Beach, Whittier, Lancaster, Pasadena

And, that’s not all, we will provide you estimates for services that are tailored to fit your budget, and customize a moving package that fits your specific needs.


Michigan is a state in the Great Lakes and Midwest regions of the United States. Michigan became the 26th U.S. State on January 26th, 1837. The name Michigan is based on a native American word meaning great water, a word referring to Lake Superior. Its nickname is Wolverine state, but no one is sure why Michigan is called this way. One theory is that valuable wolverine pelts were often brought to local trading posts, but some authorities say that isn’t true because Wolverines may have never lived in the area.
The capital is Lansing, but the largest and most famous city is Detroit. Michigan is a big state, 11th overall by size.10 million people live in this state, which puts Michigan into the top 10 biggest states population wise. It’s interesting that 80% of the population is Christian.
This U.S. state is unique as it’s the only state to consist of two separate parts of the land, and two peninsulas. But, two land masses are connected by the Mackinac Bridge one of the world’s longest suspension bridges. Michigan is covered by water, it has almost 65000 lakes, rivers, and streams. It, also, is surrounded by 4 of the 5 Great Lakes. Appropriately nicknamed the “Great Lake State,” Michigan is known for the surrounding Great Lakes that cover roughly 3,000 miles of its shoreline. Together, the five bodies of water account for approximately one-fifth of the freshwater on the planet.

Where to live in Michigan

Michigan might be known as the hub of the auto industry, but it’s a hub for raising kids, too. No one in Michigan is ever “more than 6 miles from a lake or stream” — not to mention the countless other family-friendly attractions that encourage an active. However, Michigan’s abundant natural beauty isn’t the state’s only selling point. High-quality education and stable, well-paying jobs are a priority for many families, and this Northern State doesn’t disappoint in either. However, the best family living conditions aren’t equally distributed among Michigan’s cities. But we are sure you will find the best place for you and your family.

Climate in Michigan

The climate of Michigan is humid continental, though the state has two distinct regions. The southern and central portions of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula are typically warmer, while the Lower Peninsula’s northern portion and the entire Upper Peninsula are typically colder.


Michigan’s education system provides services to 1.6 million K-12 students in public schools. More than 124,000 students attend private schools and an uncounted number are home-schooled under certain legal requirements. Michigan State University has ninety-three colleges and universities. These institutions include eight research universities, nineteen master’s universities, and seventeen baccalaureate colleges, as well as thirty-one associate colleges.

Must See in Michigan

– Lake Michigan is the only one of the five Great Lakes that is entirely sheltered by the United States.
– The Henry Ford Museum is a national treasure filled with iconic artifacts and stories of America’s breakthrough moments.
– Detroit Historical Museum has chronicled the life and times of the region, safeguarding its rich history.
– Detroit Institute of Arts, the collection of the Institute is among the top six in the United States, comprising a multicultural and multinational survey of human creativity from prehistory through the 21st century.
– Gilmore Car Museum is the place where you can feel the history of transportation in America. This is is the largest auto museum in North America with over 180,000 square feet of exhibit space.
– Mackinac Island, when you step off the Island Ferry Dock, you will be in a living Victorian village. Limited to the transportation of horse and buggy, bicycle or foot, surrounded by water, it has escaped the vast changes of time.
– Pere Marquette Beach is a 27.5 acre park comprising 2.5mi of public beach on Lake Michigan.
– Renaissance Center is a group of seven interconnected skyscrapers in Downtown Detroit. the Renaissance Center complex is owned by General Motors as its world headquarters.


Major industries in Michigan are car manufacturing, farming, tourism, and mining. It’s interesting that Michigan is the third leading grower of Christmas trees with 60,520 acres of land dedicated to Christmas tree farming.
This state is known for its extensive nature preserves, including the largest dedicated state forest system in the nation.
Top employers in the state of Michigan are:

– Ford, General Motors, Chrysler
– University of Michigan
– Delphi Thermal Systems
– Amway Products Distributor
– Full Gospel Christian Center

If your dream lifestyle calls you to move to Michigan let us help you to relocate all of your belongings easy, safe and quickly. Let our long distance movers help you to schedule your moving day, pack and unpack your belongings, so you can move to a new country relaxed. California movers are waiting for your call.

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