Tips for Moving in Bad Weather

You’re ready to move! You’re looking forward to a new home, the change in pace, and different acquaintances. Most of all, you’re excited about the adventure that a moving process presents. But the forecast for the moving day isn’t looking so ...
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How to prepare when moving to a colder climate

If you have decided to move to a colder climate from a warm one you are trading endless sunshine for sunsets that begin at three o’clock in the afternoon. Outdoor running for months-long hibernation, leather jackets for gigantic parkas, and sun...
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The Art of Making Friends in a New state

On the threshold on your new home, the new chapter of your life begins.This new chapter in life, moving abroad, brings so many difficult but rewarding feelings with it. Your new home, in this new country, on this new continent, you just can’t escap...
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How to Pack the Bathroom When Moving

Just because the bathroom is the smallest area of the house, it doesn’t mean that it’s the easiest to sort, pack, and move. It is the room in our home where we keep lots of smaller things, and with so many places where they can hide, we p...
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How To Pack Books For Moving

When it comes to moving, getting books from one place to another is one of the most daunting and the most satisfying tasks at the same time. Since they can’t break like dishes, and they aren’t big like a couch, you may think that they are easy to...
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Ways to Label Your Furniture and Boxes

Moving households can be one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do, and it’s no secret. But the good news is, with a little preparation you can feel organized and ultimately save yourself time and eliminate stress. Start by developing a...
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