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Read the following article to find out more about what to expect in Atlanta.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is the capital of and the most populous city in the U.S. state of Georgia. Atlanta has been the capital of Georgia since 1868. The city of Atlanta is a major Southern financial and cultural center of a metropolitan statistical area that covers more than 6,000 square miles and includes more than 110 municipalities. Atlanta metropolitan area is home to nearly 6 million people. The city has almost half a million residents with a population density of 3,154 per square mile. Atlanta is located in the foothills of the southern Appalachians in the north-central part of the state.

Climate in Atlanta

Atlanta has a humid subtropical climate with generous precipitation year-round, typical for the inland South. Despite having a mild climate, Atlanta does experience all four seasons. July is the hottest month, and January is the coldest. On average, there are 217 sunny days per year. Snowfall is negligible, the yearly average being one-and-one-half inches, though a snowstorm of about four inches occurs about every five years.

Neighborhoods in Atlanta

Atlanta is divided into 242 neighborhoods officially defined by the city. These “neighborhoods” are a mix of traditional neighborhoods, subdivisions or groups of subdivisions, and core areas such as Downtown and Midtown. In some areas of the city, every other block or so seems to claim distinction as its own unique neighborhood with its own specific nickname. Some of them are:
-Downtown Atlanta is the largest of the three business districts in the state, also known as the Historic Business District. Downtown is the location of many corporate or regional headquarters, city, county, state and federal government facilities, Georgia State University, and most of Atlanta’s tourist attractions.
-Midtown Atlanta, known as the “Heart of the Arts” is at the center of Atlanta’s arts scene. Midtown is marked by its cultural attractions, institutions of higher education, noteworthy architecture, and urban layout.
– Buckhead is one of the most renowned and fashionable areas of all Atlanta neighborhoods. Buckhead, more commonly known as the “Beverly Hills of the East,” is known for it’s upscale and chic community.
-Little Five Points is a funky and fun neighborhood for those looking for something a bit out of the ordinary. There are several fun bars and gastropubs, and live music fans will want to visit those venues, some of the highest rated in the city.
-Vinings, this trendy area has reinvented itself over the past few years to become a rather enviable and affluent address.

Economy in Atlanta

With a GDP of $304 billion, the Metro Atlanta economy is the eighth largest in the country and 17th largest in the world. Atlanta is a booming business town. Ranked by Penske Truck Rental as the No. 1 spot on its list of the Top 10 Destinations for Movers, Atlanta’s perhaps the biggest attraction is the job opportunities here. It is considered to be a top business city and a primary transportation hub of the Southeastern U.S. The city contains the world headquarters of corporations such as Coca-Cola, Home Depot, UPS, Delta Air Lines and Turner Broadcasting. The unemployment rate in Atlanta is 5.90%, but future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 38.52%.

Education in Atlanta

Atlanta is considered a center for higher education in Georgia. Metropolitan Atlanta is home to 43 post-secondary institutions, including several of the most prestigious in the United States. In the city, you will find more than 30 colleges and universities. Some of them are:
The Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia State University
Emory University
Atlanta University Center 
Savannah College of Art and Design
Atlanta Public Schools serves the city and fifty-five thousand students are enrolled in 106 schools.

Attractions in Atlanta

This incredibly vibrant city is full of culture, southern hospitality, and attractions for every personality, the city is filled with plenty of big-name attractions, including:
– The Georgia Aquarium the world’s largest aquarium by volume of water, where you can swim with the biggest fish, the whale shark.
– World of Coca-Cola is a museum, showcasing the history of the Coca-Cola Company.
– High Museum of Art in Midtown, displays fine art from the last two centuries, as well as modern and contemporary pieces.
– Jimmy Carter Library and Museum is the permanent home of the former president’s Nobel Peace Prize.
The options of exploring are truly limitless in Atlanta. From parks and public spaces to nature preserves and river activities, there is plenty in Atlanta for the outdoor adventurer. The only thing left to do, call Long Distance Moving Experts today to schedule your moving day and ask for any additional information.

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