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Pros and Cons of Moving in Winter – All You Need to Know

While moving in winter may sound like a painful ordeal, there are quite a few advantages to it. We’ll tell you all the good things about it, and we’ve prepared some moving tips for you to avoid the bad ones. Read on to ensure your winter relocation goes smoothly.

How Do You Move in the Winter?

For most US states moving in the winter means cold weather, snow and ice on the ground, and possible blizzards. Sounds like trouble! But, if you are well-prepared, you can avoid or mitigate the weather conditions and hurdles along the way for a stress-free moving experience. And there are advantages to it, too.

Scheduling a Move Is Easier and More Flexible

Winter is a slow season for most long-distance moving companies, and you will profit from the low demand, especially if you are moving during the holidays. You’ll have more options when it comes to different moving services and a wide range of dates to choose from. Plus, they will be able to be flexible regarding any potential postponing. And last but not least – you’ll end up saving money, as the prices tend to drop with the temperatures, so relocating in winter might be the cheapest way to move out of state.

Check the Weather Forecast and Plan Accordingly

Make sure to check the weather forecast before scheduling your move. Also, keep an eye on the weather every day during the week leading to your move. Weather conditions are unpredictable in winter. If you are worried about a possible blizzard or a snowstorm blocking the roads – raise your concerns with your long-distance moving company to see if you need to reschedule.

Turn the Heat Off and Get Both Moving Sites Ready

Turning the heat off in the middle of winter might sound like a bad idea, but think about it – with people coming in and out of the house, keeping the heat on will be both pointless and a waste of money. But keep one room warm for you and the movers to warm up from time to time.

Prepare the Utilities in Your New Home Before Moving

If you are moving out for the first time – don’t forget to ensure the utilities in your new home are on, as you don’t want to do the unpacking after a move in a cold house and without water or electricity.

Clear the Pathways and the Street in Each City

Moving furniture through icy roads is a pathway to disaster. Things can get damaged and people hurt. So, clear the snow and ice from the pathway and the street at both old and, if possible, new home before your movers arrive, to avoid accidents.

Make Sure Your Floors Are Protected

Relocating in winter can get pretty messy – the mud and dirt from melting snow can damage the floors of your new home. So, take out the plastic sheet from your packing materials for moving and lay them down on the floors to keep them protected.

Prepare Towels and Sheets

There are certain things to consider when moving to a new state in winter and one of them is the rain or snow suddenly starting to fall while the movers are carrying your antique clock into the truck. If you don’t even want to imagine such a scenario – put sheets, towels, or blankets near the front door, so movers can use it as protection should the weather surprise you.

Take Care of Your Electronics

While most of your belongings will be safer in storage or truck during winter than in summer, electronics can’t stand cold weather. So, check out how to pack electronics for moving and transport them with you, in your car where they will be safe and warm.

Allow for Delays

Even with the best organization and planning – the weather can do its thing and prolong a relocation in winter. So, do your best when it comes to organization, but be realistic and ready to face some delays. You might want to consider using storing services, as it’s likely you’ll need more time to get settled in.

Take Care of Your Movers

Your state-to-state movers will take good care of your belongings and your home, so take good care of them in return. Doing all that hard work when it’s freezing takes extra effort, so make sure you prepare hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to keep them warm. You can even go the extra mile and prepare spare gloves for them (and you) when theirs get frozen or wet. And don’t forget – while it takes extra effort to do the work in winter, they don’t get paid more, so if you are satisfied with their performance, give them a nice tip. If you’re not sure how to do it, check out some advice on how to tip movers.

Choose the Right Moving Company

Choosing the right long-distance movers is especially important in winter when relocations are harder. You want moving services from professionals with years of experience, and you can contact them for a free quote. If you decide to move by yourself, check out how to pack a moving truck or opt for packing services if you want the pros to pack your things properly. One last piece of advice – stay calm, it’s been done before. Enjoy your moving-away party and get ready to meet new neighbors!

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