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Best Tips for Unpacking Boxes After the Move

Unpacking boxes after a move is a challenging activity for many of us. Preparing for a move and packing all of your belongings can be exhausting and sometimes overwhelming. When you finally finish this process and settle down in your new home, you need to unpack all of the items and put them in the right place. This is the time when you may lack some energy and enthusiasm, but don’t worry. Just follow our tips, and you’ll be surprised by how smoothly this process might go.

Tips That Will Help You Stay Organized While Moving to Your New Home

After throwing a mowing away party and before the day of relocation arrives, you want to set up your priorities. Write down a list of things to do after moving and plan a date for your move. One of the pro-tips is taking photos of your bookshelves, kitchen drawers, and working desk before you pack everything that’s on them. That way, you’ll save time arranging them perfectly at your new home. Unless you are a multi-tasker, try to avoid distractions and do not unpack your TV or Games right away.

Before Unpacking Boxes, You Need to Label Them Properly

You’ve probably thought about the best ways to organize your belongings before the move. Labeling is the key to successful packing, and it will save you a lot of time once you start the unpacking process. So if you’re wondering how do I unpack in one day, the answer lies in perfect preparation for that day. You can play with different colors and use labeling materials that will help you and movers recognize differences between fragile and heavy objects and sort them out according to importance level.

How Long Does It Usually Take to Unpack?

The amount of time unpacking after the move will take usually depends on many factors. Even a large house or apartment can be set up fast with the help of professional movers. If you follow your unpacking schedule, you will most likely have a stress-free move. Set up your goals and motivate yourself with some rewards after you accomplish them.

How Do You Unpack a Box Quickly?

If you put a lot of effort into proper packing, it can happen that you struggle a bit with opening and trying not to cut or break something that’s inside. Take a look at this video to see how you can do it carefully.

Create List of Essential Items

Every person has different daily used products, but things that everybody usually needs as soon as they move in are:

  • Clean clothes (casual and formal)
  • Toiletries like shampoo and towels
  • Bedding sheets and blankets
  • Medicines and prescriptions
  • Work equipment (documents, laptop)
  • Phone charger

You would most likely need some of the above-mentioned things as soon as you move in, so keep this box accessible. If you are moving out for the first time, put your list together by spending a day noting what you mostly use and maybe even donate unwanted items.

Decide Which Room You Should Unpack First?

The question that often occurs is what should I unpack first after moving.  It’s crucial to place packages that contain items suitable for the specific room in the right place. You don’t want to put a box with kitchen pans and pots into your bathroom. This could make the unpacking process last longer as you may need extra time while going up and down, carrying your belongings to the right room. That’s why we suggest making appropriate labeling signs for every room. You should also tell this to professional movers. That way, they will already assemble everything in the right places.

Unpacking Boxes in the Kitchen and Bathroom First Can Be Useful

Start with essentials and continue with your kitchen plates and cutlery. Glasses and other fragile dishes have probably been wrapped in newspaper, so it might be a good idea to wash them before placing them in cabinets. The main bathroom should also be set up on the day you move in.

Make Room for Heavy Furniture When Moving In

When you relocate to a new home place, you’ll have to make room for all the furniture that needs to be aligned. We suggest that you clean everything before placing any massive counters and wardrobes. Draw a sketch or print an inside plan of your apartment – we advise that you mark in advance where you want everything to be placed, just in case you won’t be able to rearrange heavy furniture on your own later. Pro tip: do a furniture layout for taskers using washi tape.

Packing Up Christmas Decorations and Tips on How to Store Christmas Ornaments

You may wonder how to store Christmas decorations or prepare them for a move if you are moving during the holidays. Christmas day might be far away, but having traditional ornaments in your new home can make this place feel warm and familiar. Putting away Christmas decorations isn’t very fun as putting them on a tree, but you have to spend some time wrapping them to make sure they don’t break during transportation. You should use high-quality packing materials for moving when packing delicate items, such as bubble wrap. There is no need to unpack them immediately, so make a pile of boxes that you’ll be keeping in storage. The best way to store Christmas ornaments is to hang them inside of a box.

Contact an Efficient Long Distance Moving Company for Help

In case you are interested in moving interstate and need help during transfer, you’ve probably already considered hiring a reliable long-distance moving company. Professional state to state movers’ job is to ensure that all of your belongings travel safely to your new home. Before you request moving services, inform about items movers won’t move. Even if you need help with packing, additional moving boxes, or auto transport, a professional cross country moving company can provide you with all of the requested services.

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