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How to Move to Another State with No Money

Long-distance moving is a tough job, and it can be even tougher when you don’t have funds. It’s hard to imagine figuring out how to move to another state with no money. Though it might be hard, it doesn’t mean that it’s not doable. With enough planning, research, and time, you’ll be able to get to your dream destination following a few steps. Like the minimalist Ludwig Mies van der Rohe once said, “less is more.”

Consider the Cost of Living in Your New State

Whatever your reasons to move are, you’ll have to have a plan to get relocated. Before you start with any to-do lists or budgets, consider the cost of living in the city or state you’re moving in. Once you know the cost of living, you’ll be able to find affordable housing options and calculate how much funds is required to afford essential utilities and necessities.

How Much Money Do You Need to Move to a Different State

It all depends on where you’re considering moving, specifically what city or general region. Another factor is how much it will cost to get there, let alone settling. Doing the right research before choosing a state should be at the top of your priority list since you have little to work with. For example, if you are considering relocating to the South, you’ll find that the states there tend to be more affordable than living on the west coast. Maybe you’re considering relocating closer to nature, and you want to find the most affordable mountain towns. You should know what to look for within your means.

First Step: Create a Moving Budget

You must write down what resources you do have or what you can get and plan it out. If you start your relocation blind, you’ll run out of the funds you do have faster than you can blink. Figuring out how to stretch your $20 is much better than having none at all. Know your limits.

Plan Ahead When Moving With No Money

So it would be best if you had a plan for your resources. First, you should write down a list of needs to get to another state. Be sure to look for the cheapest options available to you and the price along with it. If there are any workarounds or free ways to cut corners, do so. After getting everything written down, don’t focus so much on having the total amount for everything. Work with what you have and do what you can do. Each need can be done in steps – in this instance, slow and steady wins the race.

Ways to Save Money

Let’s face it – you are going to need to get as much help and ways to save as you can. Start looking for the cheapest ways to move out of state. Fortunately for you, there are some reliable ways to save and make much needed extra cash. These methods might take some effort, but in the long run, they will be your saving grace – pun intended.

Declutter, Throw Away and Sell

When relocating, you’re already going to have to pay a certain amount for supplies, and the more stuff you have to bring with you, the more you spend on materials. Every dollar you spend on new packing supplies is a dollar you could use for something more substantial. So, to help yourself out, declutter, and get rid of as much stuff as possible. If anything, you should stick to clothing for the weather and necessities. Another option is to sell what you can. Visit any local thrift stores, book re-sellers, or sell some things online to people. It’s a great way to add some extra funds to your moving budget.

Opt for Cheaper Services And Materials

In case you do happen to get a decent amount for your relocation, it would be wise to look for cheaper moving services if you want to hire professionals. Say, for instance, you’ve decided that catching a plane to another state and having your car shipped is the most affordable option for you. You’ll need to find a reliable auto shipping service at a reasonable price and choose the cheaper option between terminal transfers and door-to-door transfers. Door-to-door is usually the more common and affordable option.

DIY Move

At first, a DIY move might sound like the most reasonable option when you have no funds. However, a DIY relocation can be just as, if not more expensive, depending on the circumstances. But, this should not discourage you from attempting to do so. It’s just a matter of understanding your needs and how you can work around any costs. You can ask family, friends, or any people willing to help you pack and offer any free materials they have in exchange for food. You can also get a group of your closest friends and make a road trip to your relocation. You just split the cost for gas.

Saving Money Methods

Starting Over In a New State

Starting over in a new city is never easy, and it’s loaded with opportunities to make a good life for yourself, and honestly, it is a courageous thing to do. At first, things will start slow, but they’ll pick up in time. During this time, you can start looking for ways to make extra cash, and gather all of your necessities so you can have as smooth a transition as possible.

Finding a Job

Looking for a job is probably going to be your biggest challenge when relocating to another state. Be sure to send your resume to a few different places well before you move. That way, when you get there, you might have some interviews lined up. But until then, you should find some ways to make quick cash to pay for your expenses. But if you haven’t had much luck, the very best thing to do is delay the relocation and save up cash so you can afford it. If you save up long enough, you’ll be able to afford movers for their packing services or have your belongings stored with a storage service. Hopefully, this has shown that a lack of money can’t stop you from relocating to a new state.

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